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Kevin Berger started in the flooring business when he was a teenager in Belle Plaine, MN. He went on to work as a sub-contractor laying flooring for several years while growing his family with his wife, Cindy. In 1990, Kevin & Cindy decided to open a retail flooring store in downtown Belle Plaine. A few years later, they expanded their sales to furniture and the business known as Berger Interiors was born. 

In 2014, Kevin & Cindy, along with their oldest son, Brian, opened a second location in Saint Peter, MN. Brian now manages the location in Belle Plaine with his wife, Kelli.

Kevin & Cindy have eight children of their own, along with 10 grandchildren. 

Currently, three of the Berger children work for the business: Brian, Michael, and Emily, so it's pretty obvious that the term "family business" is taken pretty literally here.

When they are not in the office, Kevin & Cindy enjoy spending time at the cabin, watching their children and grandchildren ride and compete on their horses and ponies, and riding snowmobiles.





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Meet The Team


Brian Berger

Kevin's oldest son. Most likely holding a Mountain Dew in his hand (even if it's 7 AM!). Has the thickest MN accent on the phone.


Kelli Berger

Brian's wife (we know, we can't believe he's THAT lucky either!). Heart of gold, nicest person ever, basically a angel.

Emily Berger

The only one brave enough to make fun of Kevin. Always smiling & trust us, it's contagious! Stop by the Saint Peter location and say hi!

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