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Flooring Sales & Installation


Since Kevin was a boy, he has been working in the flooring industry (yeah, that's a long time!). When Kevin's son, Brian, was only 16 years old, he started working as a flooring installer as well. And now, Michael, Kevin's youngest son (& Brian's youngest brother) also installs for the family business!

With over 55 years of combined experience, you can trust us with your home's (or commercial!) flooring needs.

Unlike a lot of the other places, we are going to keep it simple and straightforward when it comes to flooring. We're not going to tell you we have "FREE INSTALLATION" or "buy one room, get the rest FREE" because we have a lot of respect for our customers and we know you're smarter than that.


However, we are going to price all of our flooring prices at the installation price (that means that if a carpet sample says $3.50 a square foot, that includes the carpet, the installation materials, and the cost of labor---that means that's what you are going to pay!)

When you tell us your budget, that's what we're going to work with.

When you ask Brian or Kelli or Lisa if they think the hot-pink carpet with lime-green stripes matches your bright orange walls, well, they will probably be honest! 

And most importantly, if something unfortunately goes wrong, doesn't turn out the way you expected, or doesn't hold up to your standards -- we stand behind it all and we promise to make it right.

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